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January 15, 2020
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December 20, 2021

5 Maker Tools Under $5 Each!

We all love fancy tools and gadgets. You may have your eye on that cool new oscilloscope or digital mutlimeter, but there are some other fun tools that can add a lot of value to your collection without spending a lot of money, Or maybe you're looking for a little gift for a maker friend, look no further than my top 5.

Check out these cool tools!



These spudgers are the perfect tool to help you take things apart without damaging the, A good variety will help you void all sorts of warranties.

Digital Caliper

This tool can pay for itself after the first use I finally bought one of these after I "guessed" on the size for a bike part. Was it 31mm or 34mm? I guessed 31 and was wrong and had to pay shipping to return the item. These calipers are cheap but surprisingly accurate.

Step Bits

I don't use them every day, but this pack of step bits has come proven itself to be extremely handy when I need to slightly enlarge a hole or I can't tell exactly what size I'm going to need, and I just want to do a test fit.


Sometimes you want your tools to be magnetic. Sometimes you don't. This very cool tool allows you to have both!


There are 2 reasons why nearly every maker on YouTube owns these cutters. 1. They are sharp. 2. They are cheap. They need to be in your toolbox.


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