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Product Reviews
January 7, 2020
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January 11, 2020
Kit of the Year Awards


During the year 2019, I evaluated over 100 electronics kits and sets. I narrowed it down to 4 finalists (with one honorable mention) and present you the Kit of the Year Awards. As the administrator of an Arduino Facebook Group with 130,000+ members, I've seen a lot. This is what rose to the top. Note: I will also post nominees to the 2020 KOTYs here, so you can see the latest hot gear right here.

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Coding Array - Overall Kit of the Year Winner

Where it Rocks

  • Great out of the box experience
  • Separates coding from wiring
  • Kit can be broken into individual modules. So cool.
  • Very unique and innovative
  • Where it Lacks

  • Examples could use some better commenting
  • More expensive than other starter kits
  • Keyestudio Micro:bit - Best Kit for Kids and KOTY Runner-Up

    Where it Rocks

  • The Micro:bit platform is great for beginners
  • You can program with drag and drop, python, or javascript
  • The sensors really extend the already awesome Micro:bit
  • A great way to learn coding/electronics concepts
  • Where it Lacks

  • Not Arduino
  • Eventually you will run into limitations and have to change platforms.
  • RexQualis Mega Kit - Best Traditional Kit

    Where it Rocks

  • The Mega is my favorite Arduino Board
  • Tons of components
  • Fantastic value
  • Where it Lacks

  • If you don't have a cd drive you need to get the code online
  • Bouncing between the arduino software and the instructions can get tricky on one screen.
  • Freenove RFID Kit - Best Value Kit

    Where it Rocks

  • Amazing Value
  • Contains all the basics
  • RFID is such a "wow factor" to add to your first projects
  • Where it Lacks

  • The code is online
  • Not as broad as the Mega kit
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