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December 20, 2021
Kit of the Year Awards


I am blessed with the opportunity to go hands on with nearly every Arduino starter kit on the market. present you the Kit of the Year Awards (the KOTYs!). As the administrator of an Arduino Facebook Group with 144,000+ members, I've seen a lot. This is what rose to the top.

Watch the KOTYs


Elegoo Mega - Overall Kit of the Year Winner

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Where it Rocks

  • Great out of the box experience
  • Quality components
  • Parts can be reused with ESP and Pi
  • Great documentation
  • Where it Lacks

  • The projects could be more creative
  • The parts are quality, but not special
  • Dr. Duino Explorer Edition - Best Enthusiast Kit

    Where it Rocks

  • The best online documentation
  • The most creative single board kit
  • Can be expanded with extra lessons
  • Where it Lacks

  • Expensive compared to competitors
  • Not available pre-soldered
  • Grove Beginner Kit - Best Budget Kit

    Where it Rocks

  • Best bang for the buck
  • Components can be reused
  • Quick connectors make wiring easy
  • Where it Lacks

  • Kit should include more wires
  • Less sensors than the other kits
  • Where it Rocks

  • Creative projects
  • Quality parts
  • Parts designed to be reused in future projects
  • Where it Lacks

  • Requires adult supervision (Arduino version)
  • Freenove ‎FNK0059 Projects Kit - Best Kit for Students

    Where it Rocks

  • Excellent value
  • Amazing quality
  • Minimal wiring
  • Broad range of parts and projects
  • Where it Lacks

  • External components grouped tightly together
  • Some parts are not reusable
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